Rabu, 16 Maret 2011

Sumatra Coffee Luwak

Coffee Luwak is considered one of the finest coffees available. The majority of commercial Indonesian Kopi Luwak (civet
coffee) is from Java and Sumatra or Sulawesi, and made from Robusta beans; Tastes of Indonesia sources its Kopi Luwak
exclusively from the high quality Arabica plantations and is therefore considered to be of superior quality to other varieties.

Bali Orchid Garden is the sole supplier of Tastes of Indonesia Kopi Luwak.

Beans can be purchased in small or wholesale quantities at competitive prices. Ground Tastes of Indonesia Kopi Luwak
is sold at the gardens and selected outlets in sealed 10gm and 50gm gift packs. Larger packaging is available to order from
Bali Gardens and through info@baliorchidgarden.biz.
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What is Coffee Luwak, why is it so special and how is it made?

The Asian Palm civet (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus) is responsible for the effects of this unique coffee.
Related to the cat but belonging to the viverridae family, the same as the mongoose, it has a weasel-like face, cat-like body
and long tail with fur which may be either gray or brown with various darker markings.

The Asian Palm civet of Indonesia is a musky grey-toned colour with darker stripes.

Beneath the tail of both sexes is a gland from which a fatty secretion is emitted to mark its
territory. This substance is collected to be used as a perfume fixative, main supplies coming
from the Indian civet (v. zibetha).

The omnivorous, tree-climbing civet cat prowls the coffee plantations at night picking and
consuming the finest and best ripe coffee cherries. These pass through the civet and are
collected in the droppings. Beans emerge without their fleshy coating, but entire and appear
undigested. They are extracted by washing and carefully cleansed before being processed.

It had long been considered as a legend that the civet (Luwak) consumed the best coffee beans which then passed through
their gut undigested, even entire with their cherry-like coating, the beans being washed and processed in the normal fashion
to make this highly selected top grade coffee. Some thought that the actual situation was that the best beans were selected
according to the type civets would eat, and these processed without having actually been eaten by the civet cats.

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